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We could say Science Underground Academy is a boot camp in Interdisciplinarity, Emerging technologies, postmodern Science & New media art combined with the coolest possible summer vacation programme in Dubrovnik, Croatia.

The goal of Science Underground Academy is to tap into the creative potential of scientific and art practices through a coherent story that can bring new and sophisticated technologies closer to the public and more understandable to individuals.

It is a intense educational program designed to solve multiple problems of formal higher educational systems (like lack of: interdsciplinarity, practical education, experimentation, freedom to express creativity in science, lack of teaching novel techniques in art etc.).

Science Underground Academy is an unconventional summer school of integrated applied postmodern Science and Art
that uses holistc approach to education, and seeks to familiarize its students with all branches of contemporary postmodern technical culture (e.g. DIY, Maker & Biohacking cultures, etc.),  prespective novel interdisciplinary science fileds (e.g. Biotechnology, ElectronicsBioelectronicsEcological EngineeringRobotics)  and science-related new media arts (e.g. Digital artInteractive art & BioArt) through practice & experimentation.


Who is it for?

The Academy is open for absolute beginners, students and experts in various fields of science and/or art, and all enthusiasts interested in a DIY (do it yourself) experimentation, collaborative  work, emerging science and new media art as a hobby or for professional development.
It is a program for anyone who is into unconventional summer vacation in Dubrovnik, combination of beach and experimentation…

Academy is open for international participants.
Program will be held in English & Croatian.

The program is designed for the beginners in the fields of electronics, programming and biotechnology, so don’t be spooked by this weird terminology – the goal of the Academy is to familiarise you with them 🙂

Program is also made to stimulate experts in the mentioned fields  since the program is widely diverse and interdisciplinary…focusing, thinking and acting outside of the box.

Basic understanding of science is required
(common understanding of terms such as:  cells, molecules, electric current etc.)

Academy is open to participants over the age of 17.

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Science Underground Academy is designed not to be boring & confine participants to the classroom.
All the classes are in integrated practical workshop hands-on format.
The course will be held in the lab at Natural history museum Dubrovnik,
with a greater focus on field work (workshops combined with research filed trips to near by islands, forests, beaches etc.) – exploratory tour through large part of Dubrovnik county.

You can see the details HERE


Background philosophy

Every new science in its beginnings depends on experimentation for development of new ideas that can be materialized into cultural and technological innovations.
In recent years, rapid technological development has given birth to new forms of scientific practices & emerging technologies.
Young unconventional technical culture has, like a living organism, grown rapidly, branching into many contemporary science-related practices. This novel disciplines continue to grow and evolve, sprouting outside a new and marginalised culture into the mainstream.

Development of highly sophisticated and specialised sciences has created a vastness of different specialised disciplines, which are mostly disconnected from one another.

Monodisciplinary fileds of Science and Art are vanishing…jobs are changing…skills like having scientific literacy and ability of transdisciplinary thinking are becoming necessary…

Science Underground Academy is our way to solve this problems by enabling international transdisciplinary  knowledge transfer between science, art, society, nature and industry.

Leadership with education



The Academy was held in summer 2015, as a pilot educational program in smaller condensed form.

For more information on Science Underground Academy 2015, check out our Archive or Gallery.

This year we are bringing you full edition of the program filled with numerous interesting activities 😀


Curriculum of the Academy is a culmination of the international educational and research work done by interdisciplinary team of UR Institute science & art research staff.

It is designed to cover the widest possible range of postmodern Science & Art disciplines, to familiarise participants with all of them and teach them basic skills necessary for their practice.

microscope (1)m-0161e (1)mojito

Through a series of integrated practical workshops, participants will get acquainted and experiment with all basic techniques used in the post-modern science, technical cultures and science-related new media arts.

The program ranges from learning basics skills in large number of novel Science & Art fields,  designing and manufacturing useful electronic gadgets, building DIY (do-it-yourself) lab & lab equipment for scientific and art research, experimentation with useful microorganisms and new materials, such as:  fluorescent bacteria,  living cells, tissues and 3D printing, to terrestrial and underwater ecological expeditions and creation of new ideas and innovations.

You can find more detail on program HERE

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