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Science Underground Academy 2015
program consists of a series of interconnected practice-oriented hybrid lectures/workshops



The program is a 6 day course,  scheduled for 17 – 22. August 2015.

The activities (classes) are scheduled Mon-Sat
from 9:30 to 16:30
(with small coffee break & large lunch break)


Scheduled activities:

– Introduction to unconventional contemporary post-modern scientific practices
(e.g. DIY science, Maker movement, Biohacking, new media Science+Art, Digital Art, BioArt etc.)

– Introduction and experimentation with electronics (tools, methods and materials)

– Building electronic circuits/ useful gadgets (experimental electronic musical instruments, electronic scientific instruments)

– Introduction and experimentation with Microcontrollers, Programming, Embedded/Experimental computers and Sensors (e.g. Arduino, Raspberry Pi etc.)

– Introduction and experimentation with Automation, Smart & Interactive systems, Interactive art and Robotics

– Introduction and experimentation with Digital art, 3D design, Video (e.g. VJing, Video mapping, Augmented reality, Computer vision and Kinect)
– Introduction and experimentation with applied microscopy (use in analysis, research and new media art)

– Introduction to building DIY laboratory for science and art research & Biohacking (building DIY equipement, safety, materials and protocols)

– Introduction and experimentation with new materials (3D printing, biomaterials, living cells, bacteria, tissues, nanomaterials etc.)

– Field trip:
* Introduction to ecology, sustainability and marine biology
* Exploring, snorkeling & recycling

– Work on development of personal practical intradisciplinary projects