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International team of scientists and artists


gjino profilkaGjino Šutić
Programme leader & author of the curriculum
– multidisciplinary scientist & new media/intermedia artist
Specialised for emerging technologies, biotechnology,  bioelectronics, electronics, biomechatronics, new materials, biohacking & BioArt
Director of UR Institute & Gen0 Industries,  Science Underground Academy project leader

mares2Mares Golubović
Assistant programme organizer
– Physicist
Specialised in energetics, materials science & superconductivity.
Professor in Physics & Mathematics at Marin Getaldić school, Dubrovnik & Expert for physics at UR Institute.

TonkaAntonija Šakić
-Medical & Pharmaceutical Biotechnologist
Doctoral assistent at Medical University of Geneva
Vice president of UR Institute

tanja1Tanja Minarik
– New media / Intermedia artist
Specialised for video and video art – VJing, mapping, video installations, animation, montage and recording,  digital visual art and BioArt.
Freelance artist & Expert for postmodern art at UR Institute

vanaVana Gaćina
– Fine artist / New media artist
Specialised for painting, graphics, animation, digital art & experimental sound art
Freelance artist & Expert for postmodern art at UR Institute

BojanaBojana Hrstić
– Biologist
Specialised in zoology and ecology.
Professor in Biology at Marin Getaldić school and Classical Gymnasium Ruđer Bošković, Dubrovnik.
LovroLovro Dujnić
– Lecturer in Mechatronics
Specialised for mechatronics, mechanical engineering, automation and robotics.
Teaching Assistant at Machine Technical school Faust Vrančić.
Expert for mechatronics, robotics, automation and astrophotography at UR Institute.

robertinaRobertina Šebjanič
– Intermedia artist and researcher // http://robertina.net/
Is working in the cross field of art – science – technology. Her project are developed in the field of Living systems (bio-art), AV performances, noise/sound art, installations and interactive ambient responsive immersive environments.
Freelance artist based in Slovenia.
Kat Austen
– Chemist & artist
Kat Austen… is a succession of experiences and an assemblage of aspirations. She is also a person who does a mixture of science (mostly chemistry) and art (mostly new media) – and talks about both.
EnaEna Škopelja
– Molecular biologist
UR Institute researcher in developmental & systems biology



anteAnte Medić
– Computer scientist
Specialised for embedded computing & electronics

team-dajgoroDajgoro Labinac
– Electronic engineer
UR Institute master guru/wizard for electronics, electronic design & programing

Dubravka Tullio
Fine artist, educator
Natural history museum Dubrovnik, expert for fine art & pedagogy.
Specialised in painting