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Science Underground Academy 2016

program consists of a series of interconnected practice-oriented hybrid lectures/workshops,  exploration/research field trips,
culminating with personal projects development of the participants and final science-art exhibition of the work for public


Zvonik kropano



The Academy program is a 10 day course,  scheduled for 13 – 22. July 2016.

The activities (classes/workshops/field trips) are scheduled for each day.

Workshop activities are scheduled mostly for mornings leaving enough time to participants to fully enjoy Dubrovnik.

HERE you can find all the details on itinerary &  timetable.

Workshops are intertwined with field trips & visitations to various interesting locations in Dubrovnik.
Additional (non-obligatory) activities – such as extra field trips and lectures, are also scheduled for each afternoon.

On the final day of the Academy 22.July 2016., Final exhibition “Mysterious Worlds of Science Underground” will be opening for public – where participants will exhibit their personal projects in large gallery for wide audience.





(schedule is really rich with activities. Don’t be spooked by all the phrases & terms. Everything is suitable for absolute beginners. The goal of the Science Underground Academy is to familiarise you with these terms through practice; )

– Opening of the Academy, guided tour through: Natural History Museum Dubrovnik & Old City of Dubrovnik (with focus on the technology of the old Dubrovnik Republic)

– Introduction to unconventional contemporary post-modern scientific practices
(e.g. Do-it-yourself science, Citizen?s science, Maker movement, Biohacking, New media Science+Art, Digital Art, BioArt etc.)



Introduction & experimentation with:biotech


– Research methodology and techniques in Science & Art

– Safety & Etics of do-it-yourself experimentation



–  Analog & Digital electronics and experimentation with electronics (tools, methods and materials)







– Do-it-yourself  building electronic circuits/ useful gadgets (such as. various experimental electronic musical instruments & electronic scientific instruments)





– Microcontrollers, Programming, Embedded/Experimental computers and Sensors (e.g. Arduino, Raspberry Pi etc.)


– Automation, Smart & Interactive systems and  Interactive art


lajka robot– Mechatronics, Biomechatronics, Robotics, Biorobotics & Bioelectronics

–  Digital art, 3D design, Video (e.g. VJing, Video mapping, Augmented reality, Computer vision and Kinect etc.)3D design
– Optics, video & photography (microscopy – use in analysis, research and new media art,  field video recording, telescopy etc.)


– Building DIY laboratory for Science and Art research & Biohacking (building DIY equipement, safety, materials and protocols etc.)





– Microbiology, Biotechnology, Genetic engineering, Biomedical sciences & Experimental  Biology
(Regenerative medicine, stem cells, in vitro fertilization, cloning, production of useful bioproducts etc.)2016-06-06_204611




– Applied chemistry (do-it-yourself materials, equipment, protocols & experimentation, Analytical, Inorganic & Organic chemistry)


– New materials (3D printing, biomaterials, living cells, bacteria, tissues, nanomaterials etc.)Biomaterials



– Photography (astro photo safari, micro photo safari, underwater photo safari, biodiversity photo safari)

–  Ecology,  Ecological engineering, Biosystems engineering, Environmental chemistry & biology (analyzing environment & designing selfsustainable systems, smart cities, aquaculture, environmental microbiology, recycling etc.)

– Marine Biology, Chemistry & Microbiology (underwater marine flora & fauna of Adriatic sea, snorkeling, underwater photosafari, mariculture etc.) Underwater

– Drawing & sketching of nature (sketching & drawing of flora & fauna, natural dyes etc.)drawing

– Energetics & renewable energy (conventional & experimental technologies – such as do-it-yourself Microbial batteries & Organic solar cells)

and much more…..



Field trips:
Field trips are scheduled for almost each day.
All entrance tickers are included 😉 

Arboretum Trsteno,   Aquarium/Institute for Marine & Costal Research,   Island Lokrum,   Island Lopud, Francisian Monastery of the Friars Minor, Hill Srđ etc.

You can find detailed description of these locations HERE


Personal projects development
-final work on development of personal practical interdisciplinary projects (utilisation of gained knowledge), with mentorship from the lecturers.
Projects will be displayed on final exhibition open for public



(afternoon, non-obligatory)



–  Astronomy, Astrophysics, Astrobiology & Astrophotography @ hill Srđ

–  Intro to Wearable electronics, Bioelectronics, Cyborg & Transhumanism

– Intro to modern day pollutants of the Food & Water (e.g. Microplastics – how to do DIY chemical analysis and find invisible pollutants)

– BioArt (biological art) & VJing (video & light art)

– Biosafety, Contageous diseases, Epidemiology & Bioterrorismokrugli stol


Science Underground Conference:   SAINT (Science/Art/Industry/Nature/Technology)

– Open conference on:  Emerging technologies, Novel creative industries, New media Age,
Evolution of  science, art, culture & society, Biotechnology & Techno-biology





International team of scientists and artists – experts from different fields


Full list & CVs of the lecturers HERE