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Goal of the Science Underground Academy as well as UR Institute is to promote & incubate harmonic development of Science, Art, Industry, Nature & Technology through hybridisation of these domains, research & development.
We could say that SAINT concept represents our mission & vision.

We are proud to announce that this year we are hosting our very first- mini pilot edition of international SAINT (Science/Art/Industry/Nature/Technology) conference, as an additional activity to Science Underground Academy.

SAINT mini conference is scheduled for Monday – 18.July, from   16:30 – 18:00

The conference will consist of a short lecture/presentation of UR Institute intedisciplinary research, development & education activities in SAINT fields, followed by informal panel discussion.

All lecturers as well as participants of Science Underground Academy 2016 are invited to take a part in the open informal discussion on SAINT related topics  (Emerging technologies, Novel creative industries, New media Age, Evolution of  science, art, culture & society, Biotechnology & Techno-biology, Sustainable development, Green economy & Post-consumerism).

SAINT mini conference is open for public.

Locations:   Dubrovnik natural history museum