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Old City of Dubrovnik

is the place where Dubrovnik natural history museum is based, and it will be our base of operation

Du ljeto

Dubrovnik Natural History Museum

(Natural history museum located in the very center of Dubrovnik city)
The Museum will be our base of operation – place where most of classes will be held (workshop/ lecture hall + wet lab)
Address: Androvićeva 1, 20000 Dubrovnik, Croatia
link: official web wikipedia (CRO)

dubrovnik_jana  Gunduliceva Poljana, Dubrovnik, Croatiaprirodoslovni unutramutej

Gen0 Industries/UR Institute lab

(Laboratory for Reseach&Development

of Innovations &  Marine biotechnology, where Science Undergorund Academy 2015 was held.
It is located just outisde of the city walls of the Old city of Dubrovnik)
links:  Gen0 Industries, UR Institute
Shared Gen0 Industries & UR Institute laboratory facility in Dubrovnik, will be opened for participants.
The lab can be used for biological & chemical biosamples analysis

DURA Lab Gen0



(oldest former quarantine in the world, constructed by the citizens of Dubrovnik in the time of the old Dubrovnik Republic to protect them from plague – quarantine crew & cargo of medieval merchant ships, coming to trade at Dubrovnik)
At Lazareti, personal projects of the participants will be developed during final days of the Academy, and  final exhibition for public will open
links: wikipedia (ENG), wikipedia (CRO)
development of personal science/art projects of the participants, huge final science+art exhibition open for public

Lazareti - izlozba 2 Lazareti - izlozba 4

Island Lokrum

Cursed island, rich in legends, natural reserve with experimental botanical garden…
Closest thing to Mysterious Island of Dr. Moreau, at least we see it like that 😀
links:  official web,  wikipedia
– Field lectures: Introduction to ecology, biodiversity, sustainability and marine biology
– Exploring forests & coasts of the island: underwater photo safari, snorkeling & collecting recyclable waste (material to be recycled for personal projects- final exhibition)
– Guided tour through experimental botanical garden (intro to experimental botany)
– Visit to the Game of Thrones museum (you can check out does it hurt to sit on the throne 😉 )
wyspa-lokrum throne_of_iron_face_in_hole




Island Lopud

Island with beautiful nature, and the best sandy beach in Croatia
Our version of Isla Nublar 😀
– Field lectures: Intro to ecology & biodiversity pt. II
– Exploring forest & beach flora & fauna, photo safari, snorkeling & collecting recyclable waste (material to be recycled for personal projects- final exhibition)
lopud_croatia_hotel_lafodijaPhoto of Sunj Beach, a popular sandy beach on Lopud Island, Elaphiti Islands, Dalmatian Coast, Croatia. This is a photo of Sunj beach, a popular sandy beach on Lopud Island in the Elaphiti Island archipelago. The Elaphiti Islands are situated just a short boat crossing from Dubrovnik on the Dalmatian Coast of Croatia. For its quiet, rustic villages, quaint cathedral and the inviting, blue, crystal clear Adriatic Sea, visiting Lopud Island, one of the three main islands in the Elaphiti Islands makes for a fantastic day trip from Dubrovnik. Lopud is the second largest Elaphiti Island, and thanks to the beautiful waterfront, Catholic cathedral and Sunj Beach (a sandy beach on the south side of Lopud Island), most tourists find it the best Elaphiti Island to visit.



Franciscan Monastery of the Friars Minor

Museum of the Monastery is rich in exhibits (relics), old library and includes one of the oldest medieval pharmacies in Europe  – founded in 1317, and it is officially the oldest one still in use.
Who doesn’t like medieval alchemy labs?! 😀
activities: guided tour through the whole museum

mala braca mini2 mala braca - mini70036 (1)



Arboretum Trsteno

Arboretum of Croatian Academy of Science & Art – research station for biodiversity and experimental forestry research.  Oldest arboretum in the world.
links:  offical web (ENG), wikipedia (CRO)
– Field lectures:  biodiversity of flora, experimental forestry
– Exploring the arboretum, flora photo safari, botanical drawing

arboretum-mini20668499 3xz.2zc5q8.940



Hill Srđ

Hill just above Old Town of Dubrovnik, with beautiful panorama view. Reachable by panorama cable car…
– Field lectures:  astronomy, astrophysics, astrophotography
– Astro photo safari

zicara-noc Tourist at the top of Dubrovnik cable car at sunset enjoying the views over Dubrovnik Old Town and Lokrum Island, Dalmatian Coast, Croatia. This photo shows tourists enjoying views from the top of Dubrovnik cable car. The cable car provides beautiful views over Dubrovnik Old Town and Lokrum Island, especially at sunset.



Aquarium &  Institute for Marine and Coastal Research Dubrovnik

Aquarium of local marine fauna and Institute for Marine & Coastal Research of the University of Dubrovnik
links:  offical web of the institute & aquarium (ENG)
– guided tour through the Aquarium & the Institute