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The Science Underground Academy is thought and produced by international team of scientists and artists, highly experienced and specialised for emerging new media art practices and various fields of science and technology


Full time lecturers:

gjino profilkaGjino Šutić (HR)
Programme leader, author of the curriculum, chief producer & lecturer
– multidisciplinary scientist & new media/intermedia artist
Specialised for emerging technologies, biotechnology,  bioelectronics, electronics, biomechatronics, new materials, biohacking & BioArt
Director of UR Institute & Gen0 Industries,  Science Underground Academy project founder & leader


anteAnte Medić (HR)
– Computer scientist
Specialised for development of customised ellectronic systems and embedded computing
Lecturer in experimental electronics and astronomy


tanja1Tanja Minarik (HR/US)
– New media / Intermedia artist
Specialised for video and video art – VJing, mapping, video installations, animation, montage and recording,  digital visual art and BioArt.
Freelance artist & Expert for postmodern art at UR Institute
Lecturer in new media art

Guest lecturers:

TonkaAntonija Šakić (HR/CH)
-Medical & Pharmaceutical Biotechnologist
Doctoral assistent at Medical University of Geneva
Vice president of UR Institute
Lecturer in medical biotechnology

Maja SMrekarMaja Smrekar (SI)
– Intermedia artist and researcher //
Is working in the cross field of art – science – technology. Her project are developed in the field of Living systems (bio-art), AV performances, noise/sound art, installations and interactive ambient responsive immersive environments.   Freelance artist based in Slovenia.

Margherita profilnaMargherita Pevere
– Avant-garde Biological artist
Her project are focused on experimental biological art – related performances and art installations.  Through use of experimental biomaterials, performances, combinations of biology with technology and classical art disciplines she creates immersive experiences for audience.
Freelance italian artist based in Germany

AntoniaAntonia Merčep (HR)
– aquaculture engineer, molecular biologist & freelance singer
student of MSc in Molecular biology at PMF Zagreb
UR Institute researcher in experimental biotechnology and biological engineering
Lecturer in aquaculture and marine biology


Production team:

Peyton profilePeyton Cherry (US)
Graduate student in social anthropology with experiences in traditional art, sculpture, and graphic design
Current thesis is on gender inequality, power and agency in contemporary Japan
Other research interests include intersections of modernity and tradition and animal-human dialogues
Chief assistant in production (program coordination, workshops production & marketing)

Petra profilkaPetra Bašić (HR)
– high school student
UR Institute junior administrator.
Assistant in production (administrative department)

kristinaKristina Milat
– lawyer based in Split, Croatia.
UR Institute adviser in business law
Assistant in production (volunteer coordinator)

Draft list is incomplete and prone to changes.


Lecture assistants:

OScar profileOscar Brennan (UK)
Student of Engineering Science at University of Oxford
UR Institute Summer Intern in Robotics and Ecological Engineering
Interested in photography, sustainable engineering and DIY electronics
Assistant lecturer in electronics and engineering workshops


ellen profilkaEllen Williams (UK)
Undergraduate student in Biological Sciences at the University of Oxford
UR Institute Summer Intern in Biotechnology and Ecological Engineering
Likes running and hiking
Assistant lecturer in experimental biology & microbiology