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Old City of Dubrovnik

Old City of Dubrovnik is the heart of the academy – the connection hub for all localities where the academy will be conducted.
UR Institute central labs are just next to it on north, while of south side we have the Nature reserve  Island Lokrum (where most of field activities will be conducted)

Du ljeto


UR Institute Central Labs

(Laboratories for Research & Development)

It is located just outside of the city walls of the Old city of Dubrovnik
Links:  UR Institute
UR Institute laboratory facility in Dubrovnik will be the base of biotech & cybernetic workshops, related art experimentation as well as ecological analyses.

Lab Gen0   BioLab UR Du






Island Lokrum

Cursed island, rich in legends, natural reserve with experimental botanical garden…
Closest thing to Mysterious Island of Dr. Moreau, at least we see it like that 😀
Links:  official web,  wikipedia
– Field lectures: Introduction to environmental biotechnology, BioArt, ecology and marine biology
– Exploring forests & coasts of the island: underwater photo safari, snorkeling & collecting recyclable waste (material to be recycled for personal projects)
– Guided tour through experimental botanical garden (intro to experimental botany)
– Visit to the Game of Thrones & Legends of Lokrum museums
wyspa-lokrum throne_of_iron_face_in_hole


Island Lopud

Island with beautiful nature, and the best sandy beach in Croatia
Our version of Isla Nublar 😀
– Field lectures: Intro to ecology, biodiversity, sustainability
– Exploring forest & beach flora & fauna, photo safari, snorkeling & collecting recyclable waste (material to be recycled for personal projects- final exhibition)


 Photo of Sunj Beach, a popular sandy beach on Lopud Island, Elaphiti Islands, Dalmatian Coast, Croatia. This is a photo of Sunj beach, a popular sandy beach on Lopud Island in the Elaphiti Island archipelago. The Elaphiti Islands are situated just a short boat crossing from Dubrovnik on the Dalmatian Coast of Croatia. For its quiet, rustic villages, quaint cathedral and the inviting, blue, crystal clear Adriatic Sea, visiting Lopud Island, one of the three main islands in the Elaphiti Islands makes for a fantastic day trip from Dubrovnik. Lopud is the second largest Elaphiti Island, and thanks to the beautiful waterfront, Catholic cathedral and Sunj Beach (a sandy beach on the south side of Lopud Island), most tourists find it the best Elaphiti Island to visit.


Outdoor stargazing

One of the activities is focused on sky above Old City of Dubrovnik
– Field lectures:  astronomy, astrophysics, astrophotography
– Astro photo safari