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UR Institute

skarabej2(Universal Research Institute), is an non-profit  NGO institute for independent interdisciplinary  scientific research.
It was founded to promote and develop free and independent scientific research and development of innovations.
Main focus of the Institute is applied scientific research in emerging fields of science.
Our collaborative interdisciplinary approach, based on academic & social integration, is filling a gap that often occurs between science and the citizens, science and art, science and culture.

Our activities can be divided into three branches: research, development of innovations and education.

Research program is focused on modern & emerging science (fields such as: bioelectronics, biomedicine, biotechnology, nanotechnology, robotics, software and hardware engineering, ecology, agrobiology, etc.), and includes research & development of hybrid postmodern science/ culture and related new media art practices (e.g. DIY practices, BioArt and Interactive digital art).Levin 8e/Wiley fig 12-46 w262

Through our research we incubate the creation of socially useful innovations.

Our educational program includes intensive programs for youth and adults, as well as a year-round program of educational workshops, seminars and lectures in various fields of applied modern & emerging science as well as science related culture & art, open for everyone.

UR Institute supports and promotes DIY and science culture, freedom of knowledge, learning, exploration and personal development.

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Gen0 Industries

Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 14.47.23is a young start-up company for the production and development of new technologies.
It was created as a spin-off of the non-profit citizen’s research institute – “UR Institute” devoted to the liberalization and the development of science and the creation of socially useful innovation through scientific research and the creation of new, experimental technologies and innovations (in the field of natural sciences and engineering, ecology and development of society and culture).

Gen0 Industries specializes in production, research and development of prototypes and innovation in the various branches of biotechnology, bioelectronics, biomechanical engineering, computer science, mechatronics, engineering, robotics, agriculture and food industries.
Common base for all innovations that are being developed at our company are the global social and environmental benefits.

Our mission is creating better tomorrow for everyone.

web:  Gen0 Industries


Pulsar Laboratories
Pulsar Labs

Pulsar Laboratories is company specialized in hardware, electronics, firmware and software development.

At Pulsar Laboratories we can take you from your idea to final product. As you work with us we provide you with support in development of your product. We use our expirience from previous projects to make your product great and optimise every aspect of development and production.

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Min kult




Ministry of Culture of Republic of Croatia



Nature reserve Island Lokrum