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Science Underground Academy 2019
timetable & itinerary draft

(this is a working draft, all activities are scheduled but may be shifted up and down)

16. – 20. 08. 2019.  Academy educational program

(course duration:   5 days)

Only general activities are listed. Details on various activities are listed in the PROGRAM


DAY 1. FRIDAY   16.08.

14:00 – 14:30
– Registration of the participants & Coffee

14:30 – 15:30
-Opening of the academy (presentation of the Science Underground Academy program),  Intro to New Media Science+Technology Art (by Gjino Šutić)
-Presentation: International Triennal Art Festival – Extravagant Bodies: Extravagant Love (by Kontejner production)

15:30 – 17:00
-Sightseeing/Guided tour through Old City of Dubrovnik
– Experiencing coffee culture

UR Institute, Old City of Dubrovnik


DAY 2. SATURDAY     17.08.             10:00 – 14:00

-Field trip to nature reserve Island Lokrum
-Guided tour through island, botanic gardens etc.
-Presentation: Experimental electronics in art (Audio art, Interactive art, Computer art)
-Workshop: Intro to experimental electronics and interactive systems (in science & art)
*Analog electronics, soldering and making DIY experimental electronic gadgets
//Coffee & snack break//
-Presentation: Cybernetics & interaction, Intro to wearable & embedded electronics, bioelectronics
-Visit to Game of Thrones and  Legends of Lokrum museums

Location:   Nature Reserve Island Lokrum


Evening activities:                 18:00 – 21:00

Presentation: Experimental digital electronics in art and DIY science
-Workshop: Microcontrollers, DIY interactive systems & automation, basics of programming for non-programmers
-Lecture: New materials (in science & art)
-Workshop: Intro to 3D design & printing, Intro to mechatronics, prototyping & robotics
-Lecture: Computer vision, Video Art, Generative video art & VJing

Location:   UR Institute


DAY 3. SUNDAY     18.08.       09:00 – 19:00

-Field trip to island Lopud
-Field lecture: Intro to biodiversity of flora & fauna (during walk to beach)

//Swimming & Coffee Break//
-Lecture: Intro to novel pollutants in water & food (microplastics etc.)
– Field Workshop/Sandy beach time: Snorkeling & underwater photo safari,
collecting samples & materials for personal projects (biosamples & recyclable waste); Intro to Adriatic Sea biodiversity, marine biology & aquaculture

//Lunch Break// (lunch packages included)
-Presentation: Intro to Complex Systems, Ecosystems, Ecology & Contemporary Materials
-Field Workshop: Research methodologies in science & art, conceptual art, development of ideas – from theory to successful completion
-Field Workshop: Sketching the nature &  drawing with do-it-yourself natural pigments
-Presentation: Future of Energetics (Intro to Renewable and Postmodern Power Sources)
-Field Workshop: Electrochemistry (applied bioelectronics) & water chemistry                    
-Free time to explore Lopud     

Locations:   Island Lopud



DAY 4. MONDAY   19.08.   10:00 – 15:00
-Lecture:  Experimental Bio World (Biotechnology, Biohacking/BioPunk/Biohacking & BioArt)
-Presentation: Intro to labwork, lab safety & biosafety  (quarantine, contagious diseases, epidemiology & bioterrorism)
-Demonstrative Presentation:  Intro to do-it-yourself house laboratory (setting up personal research space & making tools for biology, biotechnology, chemistry BioArt) –  DIY chemlab & biolab
-Field workshop (on the beach and forest): Ecological engineering/biotechnology
-Workshop: Microscopy & analysis of the biosamples from Lopud and Lokrum (Adriatic Sea marine flora & fauna)

//Coffee break//
-Workshop: Intro to Microbiology, Biotechnology and BioArt (microorganisms, cells, making do-it-yourself bioreactors for fermentation/ brewing food & medicines at home, art & science of fluorescent bacteria etc.)

Location:   UR Institute


Evening activities:               21:00 – 22:30
Astrophotography Night!!!
On this special evening in partnership with ZTK Dubrovnik, we will be celebrating 100 years of International Astronomical Union (IAU)
In an ambient surrounding of the City walls we will go into hunt for stars – Astro photo safari.
-This practical workshop will cover intro to:  astronomy & astrophotography as well as some concepts of astrophysics.

Location:   St. Ivan fortress (City Walls of Dubrovnik)


DAY 5. TUESDAY 20.08.   10:00 – 13:30

-Presentation: Genetic engineering and genetic modification
-Lecture/workshop: Developmental biology, Stem cells, Regenerative medicine, Cloning/Asexual reproduction & In vitro fertilisation (IVF)
-Presentation: Body augmentation, transhumanism
– Workshop: conceptual art & speculative design
//Lunch Break// 

Afternoon activities:  13:30 – 15:00

Open Doors of Science Underground Academy

(citizens are invited to check out what have the participants been doing during the Academy)

Science+Art Round Table/Cafe:  SAINT (Science/Art/Industry/Nature/Technology)
– Short presentation on SAINT concept, presentation of UR Institute activities on integration of SAINT domains
-Presentation: Post-Anthropocene, interspecies collaboration 
– Open panel discussion on: Emerging technologies, Novel creative industries, New media Age,
Evolution of  science, art, culture & society, Biotechnology & Techno-biology

-Ceremoniously closing of the Academy

Locations:   Island Lokrum

*Science+Art Cafe is open for public!